Converse is hooking up with 'The Gorillaz' to help the release of a special edition of their infamous 'Chuck Taylor' brand.

With the help of Andre 3000 and James Murphy, they have put together a dope track called 'Do Ya Thing', and a very 'Gorillaz-esque' video.

Check out what the limited edition Chucks will look like, and watch the video below.

Gorillaz Converse

The shoes are pretty dope, and Converse is giving you the chance to customize each pair on their site as well.

The video is a disturbing work of art.  I have no idea how long it took for them to create this, but it already has fans clambering for a full length film in this style.

Watch The Gorillaz ft. Andre 3000 & James Murphy - 'Do Ya Thing'


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