The government shutdown continues to drag on with no apparent sign of ending in the near future, and is only days away from becoming the longest one in the history of the United States. As hundreds of thousands of federal employees continue to work without pay or endure what is becoming a lengthy furlough, the shutdown is also affecting millions of citizens across the country.

The folks at Wallet Hub put together a list of all 50 states and Washington D.C. ranked from most to least as far as how much they are being hit by the shutdown. Michigan is actually rather low on the list, coming in at #40.

Washington D.C., not surprisingly, came in at #1 while Minnesota was reportedly the least affected coming in at #51. Among other states in the Midwest, Michigan was ranked pretty close to its neighbors with Illinois and Ohio coming in at #41 and #42 respectively. Wisconsin was ranked #46 while Indiana was ranked #47.

The list was compiled by using five different key metrics to generate a score for each state. The metrics included shares of federal jobs to federal contract dollars per capita. It also used the percentage of families on food stamps, real estate as percentage of gross state product and access to national parks.

You can see the whole list and get more in-depth with the metric data by CLICKING HERE


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