Governor Snyder will spend 4.5 million dollars to reopen the jail in Flint, Michigan.  The City of Flint has been taken over by the State due to mismanagement of funds.  It is no secret the City of Flint doesn't have money like we use to in addition to mismanagement of funds makes it worst. The Emergency Manager Michael Brown and his team has taken over the city and made it known that the jail and more cops on the streets were needed.

Now, criminals who are committing serious crimes will have a place to stay until they wait trail verdicts.  The jail will be reopening to help reduce crime and provide some level of justice.

"The governor thought it was important to make sure local officials and state police can work cooperatively to make sure these offenders are getting off the streets," Snyder spokeswoman Geralyn Lasher said.

"The governor knows lack of space has been a problem for a while."

Flint emergency manager Michael Brown has said for months that opening the city lockup is a priority, saying criminals are essentially "laughing at the system" because the city is short on both police officers and jail space.

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