Grand Blanc High Schools had a lock down today, December 19th, 2012, and increased police amidst rumors. A student texted his parents saying shots were fired at the school and he was hiding in a closet.  It turned out it was a hoax after the lock down was lifted. 

Unfortunately after Friday's tragedy in Connecticut, students across the country has taken this opportunity for pranks.  The tasteless prank has hit home at Grand Blanc High Schools.  Administrators communicated to parents of students at GBHS, that it was all a hoax.

New rumors were heard of by students, parents, and staff that a 'student revolt' was planned for Friday December 21st, 2012 due to the Mayan calendar ending.  I'm not the smartest person but I don't think you can really plan something like that.  GBHS will not take the rumors lightly and have planned to increase secure at the school with police personnel onsite.

I really wish the student and students who are behind all the rumors are discovered and punished to the full extent of the law.  Now or never is there a time to pull pranks for even joke about pranks that involve violence.  Soon as the news came to me about the hoax, I was ready to head to the school and assist law enforcement.  What would I have done to help? I don't know.

Students, please relax on the pranks.  Enjoy the holiday with your family and friends.  [spotted at MLive]

Here is the message from Grand Blanc School District posted on their website

"We are currently working with local law enforcement regarding a rumor circulating among some Genesee County High Schools via social media networks about a 'student revolt' planned for this Friday. As you know 12-21-12 is supposed to be the end of the Mayan long-count calendar and we’ve received word from several students, parents, and some staff that there is talk about students bringing weapons to some local high schools on Friday. Here in Grand Blanc we are investigating every lead and taking each account seriously.

In an effort to deal with this situation there will be an increased police presence at the district’s schools this week. Additionally, we are implementing a secure-in-place policy that keeps exterior and interior doors locked at all our schools but allows students to move about within the buildings. We will be secure-in-place for the rest of this week.

As we learn more, we will share more. As always, we ask that you keep your eyes and ears open and report any specific information to administration or law enforcement."