I don't think many of us have ever seen a citizens' arrest but a camera caught it all in Grand Rapids where residents stepped in to help a elderly lady.  Why steal from an elderly lady?

Yesterday afternoon three men performed a citizens' arrest on black female suspect who rode on a bike snatching purses.  This lazy individual thought stealing from an elderly lady would be easy but end up getting more than could ask for.

A Jimmy John's delivery guy intercepted the female suspect when a crown gather around the scene. Two other men joined in to detain the suspect until police arrived.  Awhile the suspect was being detained, the elderly woman was being treated by bystanders for a broken nose.

The ignorant and mislead female suspect at one point of the video tried to bite the men holding her down, wrong move.  The main citizen holding her down led with punches to the her face in retaliation.  After receiving some punches, the female stated her case.

“Dude, she’s rich. She’s eating at a restaurant,” says the female suspect. “I didn’t break her nose. I snatched her purse. It was sitting on the table. I swear to God I wouldn’t hit her.”

The female suspect was later arrested by Grand Rapids police and will be charged.  I hope the young lady really understand that you can not steal from people.  She was completely wrong and I am thankful that neither the elderly woman or anyone was critically injured.

What are your thoughts on this citizens' arrest in Grand Rapids?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.