grandma has a facebook and she's using it to have sex with all your friends. How disturbing is that. I Think this video is pretty funny but it also brings up a pretty good question. How old is to old for facebook? I mean even John McCain has a facebook, and he's older than Maya Angelou; and she has one!

Ew, Grandma is a closet freak! Whats horrible is that stuff like this is actually going on! Ugh! I feel there should be a legal age limit to Facebook. Not only to keep these old people from sending nasty photo's and posting even worst things. Also to keep these young kids from interacting with these older men.

There has been an uprising on young teenage girls having Facebook accounts and using them to flirt with guys way older then them. What do you think? Should their be a legal age limit for Facebook? And how would we keep it enforced?