Gucci Mane's 1017 Eskimo Records roster lives up to their name. Today (June 14), GuWop, Hoodrich Pablo Juan and Yung Mal link up at a snowy Miami pool party in their new video for "Yeah Yeah," the second single from Gucci's forthcoming compilation project, 1017 Eskimo Presents: Eskimo Boys Vol. 1.

In the video, which includes shots of beautiful women, yachts and the trimmings of a lavish lifestyle, we see all four rappers living their best lives as they soak up the party atmosphere. As we indicated up top, the video is a partially surreal one that finds everyone having a pool party even though they're surrounded by snow. Also popping up in the video are folks like Gucci's fellow Atlanta artist Lil Baby and Chicago rapper, Z Money.

The track itself is a confident one that sees Gucci, Juan and Mal talking that talk as only they and maybe a few others can. "Yeah, fuck 12, I’m a Eskimo myself/Can’t sign no snitch ass nigga, that would hurt my rep/Found out he pussy, told him keep the cash and dip," Gucci spits on the track, which originally dropped back in March.

With varying flows and through the roof swagger, the video for "Yeah Yeah" is a perfect showcase for all that makes the Eskimo Boys so exciting.

You can peep Gucci and company's new video for yourself below.

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