The hip-hop community still mourns the loss of Prodigy, but fans will be able to get new music from him and his Mobb Deep partner before 2019. Earlier this week, Havoc appeared on MSNBC alongside host Ari Melber and Senator Robert Torricelli, where he confirms that he is working on a new Mobb Deep album.

Melber asks the veteran Queensbridge rapper how he is reflecting on the death of his longtime friend last year, and asks about a potential Mobb Deep project to come. Havoc reveals that he is working with Prodigy's family on the album, and that fans can expect it later this year.

"The way that I'm reflecting on it is just trying to keep the legacy alive," he explains. "We deserve that. And I'm actually currently working on the album in conjunction with the family, so it will be out there pretty soon...before the end of the year. It will be a Mobb Deep album."

During the interview, Havoc also discusses some other topics, including the viral Kanye Madness NCAA Tournament bracket that is going around, hoping that he can see two of the songs he produced for `Ye can come out on top. The New York native produced both "Real Friends" and "Famous" off of Yeezy's The Life of Pablo album in 2016.

Havoc also goes back and forth with Senator Torricelli over whether New Jersey or Queens has better musicians, with the rapper name-dropping Run DMC, LL Cool J and Nas.

Check out Havoc on MSNBC below to hear him speak on Prodigy and the new Mobb Deep album around the 5-minute mark.

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