The Club 93.7 app doesn't cost a thing to download, but you can worth up to $10k for you if you know how to use it.

Before I get into any explanations, you should probably download the Club 93.7 app here. It's absolutely free, and is available on any mobile device. Once you have the app downloaded, you are on your way to getting money with the 10k Stimulus package.

You've probably heard that we're giving away a ton of money over the next few weeks. Someone is going to win $10k, and we will have plenty of people winning thousands of dollars as we lead up to the grand prize. If you need more information about the 10k Stimulus package, you can find it here.

Once you have the app downloaded, go ahead and open it up. You will find a button on  top of the app labeled "10k Stimulus." Once you hear the cash code word at :10 after the hour, open the app and press that button. It's circled in the pic below.


Once you've opened up the app and press the 10k Stimulus button, you will be on the page where you can enter the codes.

Yes I said codes, because we give you 10 codes a day to enter, and increase your chances of winning. The good part is that the codes are valid all day long, as long as you put them in the correct spot (we'll walk through that in a second.)

Before you enter your code, you have the chance to get a bonus entry by visiting Maxi Quality Meats on Facebook. All you have to do is click on the button highlighted below.


Now that you've taken advantage of the bonus entry, it's time to put in the cash code.

Remember that we are giving away 10 codes every weekday, so it's important to know which code is which.

If you scroll down the page from the bonus entry you'll see entry positions that are locked. Keep scrolling until you get to the current day, You'll see that the entry buttons are not locked on the current day. The codes start at 8:10am, and run all day long through 5:10pm.


Once the code is entered, you're good to go!

If you still have questions, you can always send us a message on the app, or even call us in studio directly from the app. Good luck! I hope you don't forget about me when you win the $10k.

If you still have not downloaded the app, do it the easy way by entering your number below.

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