The question that has been unsolved for decades has finally been answered!!!

If you're like me you spend hours and hours Googling, Youtubing, and searching Wikipedia for answers to things so random. Why is the sky blue? Which way is the right way to put toilet paper on the roll? How does Wolverine eat food? Why does Nicki Minaj think green wigs look good? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Obviously some questions will never be answered, but I finally have figured out the real reason why people decide to be a-holes and pinch you.

According to, it all started with Irish immigrants that believed that wearing green made them invisible to leprechauns. Wearing green means no leprechauns, and if you didn't wear green to hide from little bearded men you would be pinched to be reminded to go throw some green on.

Yup, they really believed that if they didn't wear green leprechauns were going to just sneak up on them and steal all of their gold.

So whether its a green hat, green shirt, or green puke because you can't hold down beer like you used to, just make sure you have some green on this St. Paddy's Day to avoid creepers from touching you.

Speaking of wearing green and drinking green beer, make sure you join us for the St. Paddy's Beer Fest and 1/2k Draft Dash! Click here for more details!


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