Tim Meadows) plays real life sexual menance Hermain Cain in this very funny video from funnyordie.com. Wastch as he gives tips from his instructional video from Godfathers Pizza.

Hermain Cain

gives tips on sexual harassment in the work field. As we all know he himself is not very good at this, but his strategies seem pretty helpful. Watch as the 'Ladies Man (

Herman Cain's  1986 video 'Guide to Sexual Harrassment' is, suprisingly good, helpful and entertaining. He explains 'Good Touch Bad Touch' the 'Neine, Neine Neine rule, which I'm pretty sure is illegal in 50 states, and he also tells how the "Good Touch Bad Touch' can be reversed. So sit back and watch Herman Cain watch women use the bathroom on his top of the line surveillance camera.