The Bath Police Department is back with some hilarious, but accurate winter driving tips for you.

We all know that driving on the snow and ice in Michigan can be hazardous. There are a few things that you can do before you hit the roads to make things a little safer.

The Bath Police put together a post on their Facebook page to help remind you of these small, but helpful steps.

Considering the info is coming from the Bath police, you already know it's hilarious. If you're not familiar with their work, then you NEED to check out how they roasted this drunk driver at Mcdonald's.

Check out the tips from their Facebook page below.

1. Four Wheel Drive does NOT help you stop.

You sure do look cool as you blow by everyone in your sweet lifted truck, however, you look less cool as a Prius slowly passes you back while you're in the ditch.

2. Get. Snow. Tires.

Putting two logs, a bag of rock salt and a 30 rack of Busch Light in the back of your vehicle for weight purposes probably won't cut it. Snow tires are CRUCIAL. Spend the money. When we show up to your accident we will say "is everyone ok"? Then we will say "where's your snow tires"? And you will go.. "uhhhh".

3. Clean off your windshield completely.

Don't scrape a six inch hole and drive while looking through it like you're a tank commander. Yeah it's cold out but do what you gotta do. You know what else is cold? Being stuck in a wet snowy ditch with a $100 tow on the way. Also, windshield washer fluid is your friend.

4. Clean the snow off the top of the car.

There is no experience quite like driving down the highway and having a huge wall of snow and ice come crashing down on your windshield from the car in front of you.

The more I read from the Bath Township Police Department the more I want to break the law there. I feel like getting arrested by them might be more entertaining than going to most comedy shows.

Check out the original Facebook post below, and make sure to follow their page for more comedy . . . I mean serious police work gold.

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