The homeless man who passed up on $100 to learn coding, released his first mobile app yesterday.  In August news broke when Patrick McConlogue offering a homeless man $100 or learning coding.  The decision to take up coding paid off.

Leo Grand has finally produced his first app called 'Trees for Cars' which helps calculate how much CO2 you save when carpooling.  Drivers can pick a meeting place and ride together to the designated location to save money and harmful car emissions.

Grand has been meeting for one hour each day before McConlogue starts his work day. The meeting time has allowed Grand to learn skills that will keep him from going back to the streets anytime soon.  We can all purchase 'Trees For Cars' for ninety-nine cent on iTunes and Google Play.

This is a great story and I'm glad it turned out well for Grand and McConlogue.  A man took a chance to teach another man how to "fish and he'll eat for a lifetime" and the investment surely worked out well.  I'm extremely amazed at Grand's persistence with the opportunity.  So many people give up after the honey-moon stage of opportunities floats away.  Grand had great follow through.