Flint's Lando Skyy admitted that he was nervous to touch anything that a living legend like Eminem has been on, but the response to his 'Rap God' cover has been all the justification he needed.

Since performing at '810 Local Show' last year, Lando has found himself in the spotlight quite a few times.  Opening for 'Diggy'. D12 and then getting the chance to freestyle for Big Sean have been great ways for Skyy to get the shine he deserves.

Lando has no plans of stopping now either with a mixtape and tour on deck.  'When My Album Drops' is the name his new mixtape that will drop before years end.  Skyy is also hitting the road for 'The Northern Hype Tour' kicking off in February.

Skyy also has a new line of dope t-shirts out right now too that you can click on the pic to get ahold of.

You can check out the original video from Eminem for Rap God here, or just watch this boat kill it too.