The school district should be ashamed of themselves for suspending the honor student from school for picking up a drunk classmate from a party.  Instead of punishing her they should congratulate her. 

Erin Cox, senior at North Andover High School, arrived to a high school party to pick up a classmate that was too drunk to drive.  The police arrived and confirmed Cox's story but the school wasn't buying it. The school district has a very strict no drugs or alcohol policy which they claimed Cox violated.

The family filed a lawsuit in the District Court but it was thrown out due to the courts not having proper jurisdiction.  Lawyers for Erin believes the school is trying to make an example out the former volleyball captain.

Erin was asked if she would have done anything different looking back on it and she said "No."  I really think the school is doing too much.  The honor student potentially saved lives that night by not allowing her friend to drive drunk.  You have to look at the entire situation before making a decision like this.

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