I'd love to think that they got the idea from me, but...okay, probably not.

In an email sent from Grand Blanc High School to graduating seniors and their families, it was revealed that the class of 2020 will, in fact, have a commencement ceremony this year.

The ceremony will take place digitally at the US-23 Drive-in Theater on Fenton Road in Flint. Mr. Nicholson, the broadcast teacher at GBHS, has been working to film and put together speeches to create a full commencement ceremony that will recognize every member of the class of 2020.

The ceremony will be shown on all three screens at once. Attendance is limited to one car per graduate to promote responsible social distancing; the Grand Blanc High School class of 2020 has over 600 students.

Obviously, attendees are asked to stay in the cars and, while graduates won't be able to walk the stage and give handshakes and hugs, they'll all be able to celebrate together.

Now, ahem, if you'll allow me...

I may have posted this at the end of March right here at wcrz.com. So, toot toot.

Just kidding, I've never had a brilliant idea that hadn't already been thought up. Needless to say, I love it.

If you're not a parent of a senior, it's hard to realize how much this lack of milestones is affecting young people. Amy Atkinson, a senior at Lakeland High School in White Lake, Michigan, captured her feelings in an original piece of art and it definitely hit me in the feels.

courtesy of Amy Atkinson
courtesy of Amy Atkinson

We need to make sure that we're there for these kids and that we don't diminish how they're feeling. While it will be an amazing story to tell someday, right now, they're not seeing that and we need to be mindful of their feelings.

Good on you, Grand Blanc High School.

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