Hopsin crafted a tragic story for his latest music video. The Los Angeles rapper made what he calls a short film for his single "Die This Way" featuring Matt Black and Joey Tee. In the video, Hopsin is faced with a situation where he cannot pay for his mother's chemotherapy. With his mother's life on the line, the Pound Syndrome artist resorts to robbery to solve the problem. Hopsin's rhymes about his unrepentant ways make for a fitting soundtrack to the action.

"My vision has always been golden/That's why I see the pearly gates starting to open/I ain't got no friends/Because I've been an omen, oh man/Hmm, take a look at the enemies blood I am soaked in/Yeah, staring back at my reflection thinking/Bout the hand of cards I've been holding/When I'm upset it's hard to control it/Soon as I'm fully charged, I unload it/This shit is keeping Marcus so devoted/To writing these crazy bars and you know it/I'm too steady with the juice/Get the booth ready, when I barge in I'm Hulk'n/I'm no longer with Avengers/Heart is frozen with some vengeance/Eight years old, I was a menace," Hospin raps.

Hopsin's efforts to save his mother are successful, but it comes at a price. The "Sag My Pants" rapper ends up killing a man during the robbery which lands him on death row. While his mother gets the money for her treatment, Hopsin loses his own life to a lethal injection. This gut-wrenching video shows Hopsin's creativity has not been derailed by his departure from Funk Volume.

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