Hopsin uses a new visual and an accompanying Instagram post to spotlight a personal issue.

On Wednesday (Feb. 27), the former Funk Volume artist used his Instagram account to post a lengthy open letter to his ex-girlfriend, Alyce. In the letter, Hopsin apologizes for their break-up and the pain that he has caused in their relationship. I still love you deeply after all the hell we’ve been through."

He continues, "It’s been 2 years now since our son was born and I haven’t even met him, all because your personal feelings are hurt. That’s EXTREMELY cruel and there is no justifying that part," he continued. "He will be damaged from my absence....as I am extremely damaged from his. It’s also cruel of you to go around telling everyone I’m a deadbeat dad, when you know very [well] that you’re holding Zade hostage in Australia, which you got me banned from."

The part about being banned from Australia appears to be an allusion Hopsin pleading guilty to assault in the country back in September 2016. At the time, it was rumored that his then-girlfriend was the person he assaulted, and he addressed the situation in his 2017 song "Hotel in Sydney." It's unclear whether or not Hopsin is allowed to enter the country.

In addition to the letter, Hopsin also included a video for his latest single "The Old Us." The clip features the 33-year-old lyricist apologizing to his ex-girlfriend for all the pain that he has brought her way.

"This video is a re-enactment of a dream that I keep on having and a prayer I keep sending to god in hopes that things can be right with us one day and we can be a happy family," he writes in his letter. "But I guess there will never be another 'us' and I’ll just be the best father our son never had....now we all lose."

In the video, Hopsin visits the doorstep of his ex-girlfriend. You can see how their interaction plays out for yourself by watching the video.

You can watch Hopsin's video for "The Old Us" below. We also included his missive to his ex-girlfriend.

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