Hulk Hogan has been pretty much on top of the wrestling world since about 1983 when 'Hulkmania' started. Since then Hogan has had a series of ups and downs including reinventing has a bad guy and calling himself 'Hollywood Hogan' in 1996. Over the last few months Hogan has been publicly talking about getting back into the ring even though he is 61 years old.

Riff Raff is a rapper from Houston, Texas who is pretty much a joke but has managed to keep his name in the mouths of many underground fans and even has his video 'Tip Toe Wing In My Jawwdinz', and back in July has released an album called 'Neon Icon'.

Now it looks wrestling icon 'The immortal Hulk Hogan" is teaming up with 'The Neon Icon' Riff Raff to do some training, and eventually do a tag team match together.