Hulk Hogan was  a national icon who has done a lot for the entertainment business. He was/is literally the face of wrestling and it seemed like he could do no wrong.The only thing he could do wrong was go on a racial outburst. But that would never happen, right?Well that actually happened now it seems like his career is in shambles.

If I were his his manager I would just tell him to talk as little as possible and stay away from the camera, and eventually time will heal everything.

Unfortunately while Hogan was out in New York City TMZ got a hold of him and asked him about WWE and which presidential candidate would he like to wrestle.

Hogan says he has no hard feelings with WWE (which makes me believe he is getting paid from them very quietly.

To that second question Hogan gave a very interesting answer. Hogan said he would like to run with Donald Trump and be Vice President. OH GOD

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