Roundabouts are becoming a way of life for Michigan drivers, but accidents do happen, so here are the 10 most dangerous roundabouts in the state.

Before we list anything, I need to point out that statistically, roundabouts are much safer than a normal intersections. Some studies show that a roundabouts decrease injury crashes by as much as 75% when compared to normal intersections.

So if they're obviously much safer, then why do so many people hate them so much?

The answer is pretty simple, fear.

Roundabouts can seem intimidating if you are not used to them, so a little anxiety is understandable. Once you have a chance to drive them a couple of times though, you should realize that they are actually easier, safer, and faster.

Mdot put out a video a while ago to help people understand what roundabouts are all about.

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Keep in mind, that video drives you through a big, multiple lane roundabout. Most of the roundabouts here in Genesee County are smaller, with only one lane.

If you still are not a fan of roundabouts, I'm afraid that the news only gets worse from here. Mdot has plans for many roundabouts throughout the state, and a lot of those have already been built or are being built now. You can see a complete list the roundabouts that have been approved here.


The bottom line is that roundabouts are better overall, and fighting the trend is futile. The best thing you can do is just drive on in, and just keep turning. Check out the top 10 most dangerous roundabouts in Michigan.

10 Most Dangerous Michigan Roundabouts

Roundabouts are popping up all over Michigan, here are the 10 most dangerous roundabouts in the state according to 2020 crash data.

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