Last summer Michiganders were forced to stay home so the idea of getting a pool was perfect. That was until the supply couldn't meet the demand. Hell, you were one of the lucky ones last summer if you happened to find a freaking kiddie pool. They were sold out everywhere.

If you want to put in a pool this year, you might get lucky but more than likely you're gonna be screwed. Some companies are saying that if you called up today and wanted a pool installed, you'd be waiting until next year. Not to mention the price of a pool is insane right now.

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Some pool companies are still trying to fulfil orders from this past fall. It's really just a big waiting game. If you want a pool, you're going to have to be really patient.

I'm sure you've heard about the chlorine shortage that's happening right now too. So even if you're lucky enough to get a pool, you're going to have to battle trying to get the chlorine needed.

I was out shopping yesterday and while I saw a bunch of kiddie pools at Menards, I didn't see much when it came to patio furniture anywhere. I've been looking for something to put on my new patio but I can't find squat. The stuff that is out there right now is super expensive and I'm not dropping $3K on a table and four chairs. If I do find something I like, all they have left is the beat-up floor model and they still want a buttload of money for that too.

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