10,000 illuminated books will light up an Ann Arbor street next weekend.

The books will be used to pave a stretch of Liberty Street in Ann Arbor on October 23rd. Sounds cool right? But why would anyone take the time to pave a street with illuminated books?

This is part of Luzinterruptus: "Literature Vs Traffic" put on by the Institute for the Humanities at U of M.

Luzinterruptus is an undercover Spanish art collective according to the Facebook Event Page. Ann Arbor will join Toronto, Melbourne, and New York in showcasing a street paved with books.

The books are mostly discarded books that were marked for recycling, but will get one last chance to shine before they are recycled. This probably goes without saying, but illuminating and laying 10,000 books is a lot of work. Prep work starts today, and you can volunteer to help here.

Get more information about the event from the U of M event page here.

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