Meghan Tonjes was shocked when her butt picture was removed from Instagram for being inappropriate.  Meghan found out that inappropriate might have more to do with the size of the butt, than the size of the clothes covering it.

When Meghan posted the picture below to her Instagram account, she was notified that it had been removed for inappropriate content, even though IG is filled with butt pictures.

Meghan Tonjes Instagram

Meghan posted a video talking about the picture being removed, and basically reinforced two messages in the video.

  • She has lost a lot of weight, and even though she is still big, she is very proud of the way she looks.
  • What exactly is inappropriate about the picture she posted of her fully clothed butt?

Meghan had two very valid points, considering some of the other pictures that Instagram lets go on their site.  Really someone only has to search the name Jen Selter, and they will be bombarded with Instagram's most famous butt.

So at the end of the day the real question remains, "Does being more attractive, make something more appropriate?" After the backlash, and public support for Tonjes, Instagram finally decided to answer.

"NO" is the simple message they gave in a written apology to Tonjes that read:

"Our guidelines put limitations on nudity and mature content, but we recognize that we don't always get it right.  In this case, we made a mistake and have since restored the content.

So did Meghan win?

Well, she got her picture put back up on Instagram, but I think we all know it was about more than just a picture.