I guess so many women want to be like Nicki Minaj and get the plastic surgery to enhance their beauty.  Today I found out that Tracey Lynn Garner of Mississippi posing as a plastic surgeon has been charged for giving butt implants that have caused a second person to die. 

Tracey Lynn Garner, born a man by the name of Morris Gardner, is facing life in jail over causing the death of a second woman.  Tracey is not licensed to perform plastic surgery but seem to keep the clients coming.  I don't think anyone else will use her/his services anymore.

Garner was arrested and charged with one count of depraved heart murder. He/she was injecting 'a silicone substance' into women that was extremely dangerous.  Some reports are saying Garner was using Fix-A-Flat for some of the procedures.

Garner is already on house arrest for similar charges from the death of a Atlanta woman in 2012.  Now, Garner is in big trouble with for the death of Marilyn Hale who saw the fake doctor in 2010.

Ladies, do you ever feel the need to want enhance your physical features?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

via HuffingtonPost