The craziest story of the day goes to the Iowa Man breaking into the lingerie store and leaving the money.  The story doesn't say if the criminal was high on drugs but horrible drug usage is the only way to explain the bizarre behavior.  Usually when criminals decide to punch their ticket to jail by stealing, they steal money, not this Iowa man.

Jose Angel Perales, 24 years old, broke into Dr. John's Lingerie Store and begun having a time of his short lived free life.  Perales spent two hours in the store living it up by trying on lingerie and doing some things I just don't feel comfortable typing. After showing the camera in the manager's office his birthday suit, walked around the store testing products.

Perales forgot his tattoo of his name on his back was extremely visible. Store camera picked up the image of the tattoo which helped police identify him.  The uber crazy activity ended with Perales stealing and damaging $2000 worth of merchandise.

The head scratching moment of the entire story is that no money was stolen.  WOW! How crazy is that.  Perales has been arrested and looks to be ready to serve sometime in jail.

via Complex