This is going to take some convincing and a trip to Kent County.

We all have our opinions when it comes to food. From best pizza places to best burger joints - we all have our favorites. That being said, I was quite surprised when I read the best place in Michigan to get a burrito is at a sushi restaurant.

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Don't get me wrong - I am here for it. According to Eat This, Not That the best spot to get a burrito in Michigan is at Jaku Sushi and Grill in Caledonia. Full disclosure, I have never heard of Caledonia or this particular restaurant - but I am ready to make the trip.

It turns out Jaku Sushi and Grill is not a one-trick burrito pony, they serve fifteen different burritos. Read the mouth-watering descriptions for yourself,

Jaku Sushi & Grill
Jaku Sushi & Grill

Making a decision is not going to be easy that is for sure. The Diablo Burrito sounds amazing as does the Philidelphia Burrito and the Veggie Tempura Burrito. I guess one of each will have to do.

There is a Jaku location in Grand Rapids too if that is closer to you. My sister Tuesday lives there, I wonder if I can persuade her to bring a couple of Jaku Sushi burritos to Thanksgiving?

Have you ever been to Jaku Sushi and Grill? If so I want a full report, tell me everything.

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