Jarryd Hayne shocked the Rugby world when he announced that he wanted to joint the NFL.  Rugby's loss could be the Detroit Lions gain if Reggie Bush has anything to say about it.

Hayne is basically the Michael Jordan of Rugby, and is beloved for all of his accomplishments.  His decision to leave the Rugby world is hard for some to understand, but he put it pretty clearly in his press conference saying,

I’ve been to the pinnacle in rugby league and I look forward to trying my best in the NFL

So how do Reggie Bush and the Lions factor in to this whole thing?

Reggie met Hayne when the Lions running back was in Australia on a promotional tour.  Reggie was so impressed with Hayne that he vouched for him immediately saying,

He actually looks like an NFL running back, he looks like he could come play with us tomorrow

Right now Hayne isn't confirming any of the details, but the insiders are confident that the Lions are one of only five teams that are meeting with him.

Check out some of Hayne's highlights below and let us know if you think you think the Lions would be smart to grab him.