The Detroit Lions have wasted no time improving their team through free agency, with the biggest news of the day concerning Reggie Bush signing with Detroit.

Bush walked to the podium, put on his hat and smiled at the room full of reporters and said, "It feels like I drafted all over again!"

That's the way that Lions fans feel too Reggie!  After a disappointing year in 2012, Lions fans are ecstatic about the moves that the team is making.  Bush gives the Lions a legitimate threat in the backfield that has been missing.

Detroit also took care of some major issues on Defense by signing safety Glover Quinn, defensive end Jason Jones and cornerback Chris Houston.  Now the Lions can get aggressive in the draft and boost their defense even more.  Reggie hit his Twitter followers with some Detroit love yesterday.

SO . . .  Lions fans . . .  Do I even dare think about the Super Bowl yet?  Maybe we should just start with the playoffs and go from there.

Here's a wrap up of the Lions free agent moves so far from SBNPrideOfDetroit.