Isiah Thomas talked to the 'Players Only' team on TNT, to talk about how the Bad Boy Detroit Pistons would be able to handle Steph Curry and the Warriors.

Before you watch the video, just accept that it's impossible to compare former greats with the figures dominating the game today.  There will never be a definitive answer, but Zeke does bring up some interesting points.  He details the matchups like this.

  • Isiah guarding Curry
  • Dumars guarding Klay
  • Rodman guarding Durant
  • Sally or Mahorn guarding Draymond
  • Laimbeer guarding whoever the Warriors play at center

The big point of the argument is that the Pistons were more than just the most dominating defensive team in NBA history.  They also had a lot of firepower, and with Laimbeer being checked by a series of scrubs, he could be the x-factor.

Watch Zeke break it down below, and let us know if you think the Bad Boys could have stopped the Warriors.

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