Episodes 3 and 4 of 'The Last Dance' focused on Michael Jordan's battle against the Detroit Pistons 'Bad Boys' team.

I grew up watching this rivalry, and is the main motivation around my dislike for Jordan. Not as a person or anything like that, it's just hard to like someone after they ended the run for my favorite team.

This rivalry is more than just two teams going after each other though, the hate that stemmed from this rivalry is the kind that lasts a lifetime. Just look at what Jordan said about Isiah in the documentary.

Isiah and Jordan did not like each other at all, and it went way off the basketball court. I could write for days about the rumors and stories about these two, but the point in time everyone is talking about now is the Pistons walk off. Watch what happened below.

This became a very public rallying cry for Jordan fans to hate Isiah and the Bad Boys even more than they already did.

Decades have gone by, but with the Last Dance documentary coming out the events and emotions are all being brought to the forefront. Isiah talked to Jalen Rose about the rivalry, and even expressed a little bit of regret when it came to walking off the court. You can watch the complete interview below.

On the flipside of Isiah is the reaction that Bill Laimbeer gave when he was asked if he regretted walking out on the Bulls.

Laimbeer is the best!

There was no hesitation in his remarks when he was asked if he had any regrets. The answer was no.

Say what you want about the Bad Boys, just make sure you include 2x NBA Champions.

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