Michigan can expect a wet, snowy winter according to the latest weather maps.

The good news is that there are no bitterly cold spells predicted as of now, but we all know that could change. Last year seemed like a new fear-inducing named weather event was headed straight for us. This year, it just looks like snow, sleet, and rain will be the theme.

You can watch the NOAA video above, and get some more detailed information on their 2019-20 winter report here.

The biggest problem I have with the forecast is the amount of slush that we'll be trudging through. I know I'm in the minority here, but I'd rather have feet of snow to deal with than a sloppy, dirty slush mess every single day.

The winter weather might not take long to hit us this year either as experts are saying that a big winter storm is headed directly for Michigan.

There is a bit of bad news if the current map holds true. It looks like the end of winter, and beginning of Spring will be colder than normal. This causes all kinds of problems for farmers, high school sports, and people who are just sick of the cold weather.

We all know that predicting the weather in Michigan is about as hard as it gets, so we'll just do what we do every year. Look out the window when we wake up, and decide from there.

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