Almost two weeks ago it seemed like the internet was on fire when the new Captain America Civil War trailer was released. The plot of this new Captain America is when the government gets involved and want the superheroes to be held accountable. Captain America is against the Government meaning he wants superheroes to be able to hide their identities. Iron-Man is on the other side. The reason the internet was going crazy over this trailer is because of the very short cameo made by fellow Marvel superhero Spider-Man.

This is a big deal because Spider-Man's rights were with another company, and since the rights were given up he can now join the Marvel Universe.

But instead of bringing in the Peter Parker that we all know, what if Marvel put a twist on things and brought in "Italian Spider-Man" .

I came across this "lost footage" tape it is so hilarious and is a parody 70's bad acting action films.

Can you imagine how mad nerds would be if they pulled this mess and featured Italian Spider-man!

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