When you think about a fancy dinner out you probably don't think about chowing down on possum or boiled ox tongue - but that's what some diners ate at restaurants in Michigan in the early 1900s!

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There's a cool Facebook page called Eating History that seeks to "connect with history through the sweet, salty, sour, spicy flavors tasted by those who came before us" - I'd add and sometimes very UNIQUE flavors.

The page shares old menus from hotels and restaurants all around the U.S., including Michigan. Many are "special" holiday meals.


Aside from unusual proteins, it's also interesting how much Michiganders apparently loved shredded wheat back in the day!

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I also spotted "Saratoga Chips" on several of the menus and had never heard of them before! Apparently, it's Americas first kettle chip! Here's a video explaining:

Maybe you don't think some of the menu item are too odd... I will say, I'm not very meat adventurous, a basic chicken and steak gal, so some of the meats these restaurants were serving stand out to me.

Well, take a trip back in time in the gallery below and see what "delicacies" Michigan restaurants were serving back in the day.

Strange Foods at Michigan Restaurants in the Early 1900s

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