If the skies in parts of Michigan seem a tad hazy lately, you aren't imagining things, and NO, this isn't a flashback to 2023. It is indeed possible you're seeing some smoke from even more Canadian wildfires in the western plains that is creeping into the Midwest.

And if firefighters can't get them under control soon, we might see more skies like we did in 2023.

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Wildfires burning in parts of western Canada have become a near yearly occurrence now, and each year, parts of the northern United States get a bit hazy as a result.

During 2023, the fires were so bad, parts of New England were practically shut down due to the smoke, and areas in the upper Midwest recommended wearing masks and protective eye cover while outside.

While last year was bad, 2024 is off to a not-so-great start in western Canada.

Fires have been raging for at least a week in British Columbia and Alberta. Weather patterns then lift the smoke from those areas, and carry them down across the Canadian Plains, and into the Upper Midwest.

Over the weekend, parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin were seeing hazy skies as a result with some air quality alerts being issued. Now, part of Michigan could be under the gun as the smoke travels across southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois, over Lake Michigan, and into the Lower Peninsula of Michigan.

Canadian Smoke in Michigan

You can see in the image above. the darker yellow streaks are where the smoke from the Canadian fires are starting to make their way into the Midwest. Parts of Iowa and western Wisconsin are especially getting it now, but depending on the winds, Michigan could also start seeing more hazy skies.

If you remember from last year, Smoke made air quality across Michigan, and much of the northeast, and upper midwest hazardous, and even prevented some traveling.

Hopefully things don't get that extreme this year, but it is just the beginning of fire season, so we'll see.

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