Lime Island is a cool place to visit...but you have to get there by yourself – there are no boats to take you there, no bridges to drive over. You are on your own. Best way is to paddle or row, as motor boats are NOT recommended, thanks to the constant freighters coming through.

Lime Island Recreation Area is smack between the United States and Canada in the St. Mary's River, east side of the Upper Peninsula.

Native Americans were the first inhabitants, followed by French trappers in the 1700s. It was during this time that a over a dozen lime kilns were built, which still stand.

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Before it became an historic place to visit, someone actually tried to make it a resort island with a fancy hotel to lure rich and famous celebrities, politicians, and whatnot...but thank goodness it didn't happen.

1910-1982: Coal refueling station for boats and ships
1912: School house built for the island's 17 children
1961: School closed
1982: Dock closed
1982: Island sold to the State of Michigan for one dollar, forcing families to vacate

Still standing are the kilns, school house, superintendent's house, old fuel tanks, and cottages. There are cabins that you can rent and stay the night as well as ten camp sites. With seven miles of hiking trails, you just might come across a black bear or white-tailed deer.

Take a look at the gallery below and see why Lime Island could become your secret getaway...

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