Comedian and talk show host Bill Maher calls Kanye West a "charming anti-Semite" after refusing to air an interview he had with Ye.

Bill Maher Calls Kanye West a "Charming Anti-Semite"

On Monday (Feb. 5), TMZ Investigates aired an episode on FOX focused on Kanye West titled Unhinged But Unstoppable. At one point during the episode, Bill Maher sits down with the popular gossip outlet to talk about his experiences with the controversial rapper-producer. Maher expresses his thoughts on Kanye's ability to influence his fans with his very anti-Semitic opinions. He also explains that in the time he's spent around Ye, he enjoyed Kanye's company despite the Chicago native's disdain for Jewish people.

"Kanye out there, he's sort of was helpful for spreading the fertilizer, and I do mean fertilizer, for this idea that Israel and the Jews are the worst people in the world," Bill Maher says in the video below. "By the way, we had an amazing, fun time. He's a very charming anti-Semite. And by the way, he's not the only one in America who feels that way. It's not like the Jews are universally loved except for Kanye West."

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Bill Maher Refuses to Release Podcast Interview With Kanye West

Bill Maher's first-hand experience with the content of Kanye West's character resulted from an interview the popular comedian-TV host conducted with Ye for Maher's Club Random podcast. He further explains that despite Kanye's "charming" ways, he refuses to release the podcast episode due to Ye's hate speech regarding the Jewish community.

"I had Kanye right here at Club Random," Maher divulges. "We did an episode with him. I thought it was going to be a learning moment."

After the TMZ interviewer opines that Kanye's public bashing of Jewish people may "give other people permission to say it, too," Maher agrees by saying, "Yes, exactly. That's why I'm not going to air this episode because I'm not going to contribute to this."

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Check out the Bill Maher interview about Kanye West on TMZ Investigates in the video clip below.

Watch Bill Maher Call Kanye West a "Charming Anti-Semite" and Explain Why He Refuses to Air His Interview With Ye

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