Just south of Fenton and Linden in Genesee County, you cross over into Michigan's wealthiest county, Livingston. Most people think of Oakland County as the richest, but no.

How does Livingston County beat Oakland County, MIchigan in wealth?

  • Livingston County's median household income is $88,908 while Oakland County's median income is $86,275 according to Census data.
  • This is a common question considering Livingston County's growth rate is sixth in the state for population growth -- Oakland County is actually seeing slightly negative growth -0.3% from 4/01/2020 to 07/01/2021 according to census data.
  • Ottawa County has the highest population growth over 15%. Ottawa County is located west of Grand Rapids, MI along Lake Michigan and includes Holland and Grand Haven.

How does Livingston County Michigan rank in the United States for Median Household Income?

  • The Livingston Post reports Livingston County Michigan ranks 5th in the US for median household income.
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Which cities are in Livingston County, MI?

  • Hell is located near Pinckney, but not an incorporate city -- just a great tourist selfie spot. The County Seat of Livingston County is Howell. If you've passed through Hartland, Brighton, Fowlerville or Pinckney... you've been through Livingston County. Other smaller towns include Gregory, Cohoctah, Hamburg and Lakeland.

Why do people move to Livingston County, MI?

  • Smaller towns and location convenience could be two major reasons. The Livingston Post points out: Livingston County is "in the middle of Detroit, Ann Arbor, Flint and Lansing with many major highways like I-96, US-23 and M-59 for quick access anywhere.
  • They also mention the average commute time of a worker living in Livingston County is 31.6 minutes -- a lot less than Genesee County residents making their way to Metro Detroit.

Isn't Howell, Michigan historically known for something bad?

  • For several decades in its history, Howell was associated with the Ku Klux Klan. Former White Supremacist leader / "Grand Dragon" Robert E. Miles held KKK gatherings on his farm in Cohoctah. Things were crazy even after that, for a while. Today, Howell is a wonderful, vibrant city with a bustling downtown. It sure has come a long way, like many other cities in the area. Howell's history can be read about here. Hell, MI doesn't sound so bad after reading that...

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