The drama between Gunplay and DJ Envy is not over yet. Gunplay's wife says she is taking legal action against the radio personality for allegedly slandering her baby during his car show beef with Rick Ross.

Why Is Gunplay's Wife Suing DJ Envy?

On Saturday (June 10), the We In Miami podcast posted a snippet of their interview with Gunplay and his wife, Vonshae Taylor-Morales, in which they discussed their GoFundMe drama involving DJ Envy. In the video, both Gunplay and his wife challenged The Breakfast Club radio personality to a celebrity boxing match with the proceeds benefiting the hospital where their daughter was receiving treatment for her heart defect.

The podcast host then asked Vonshae if she was pursuing legal action against DJ Envy over the GoFundMe flap; she said yes.

For those who don't know, during his car show beef with Rick Ross, DJ Envy mentioned Gunplay and his wife's GoFundMe page for their baby daughter so they could raise money for her heart surgery. Vonshae claims Envy's mentioning of her infant's donation page drew trolls who harassed her on social media.

"I'm seeing a therapist about all this," she told the We in Miami podcast. "It took me to a very traumatic space."

"No one's expecting to give birth to a daughter with a heart defect that rare and having open heart surgery," she added.

Although DJ Envy promised Gunplay and his wife that he would apologize on his radio show during a private phone call that was recorded, Vonshae claimed that it took him a week to do so and that was unacceptable. Now she's pursuing legal action.

You [DJ Envy] need to learn your lesson," she said. "You can't just go onto this type of platform with your voice and your followers and say anything that you want. People come at you and not realize like what you're going through at that time," she stated.

Vonshae has previously shared a cease and desist letter that was sent to DJ Envy. You can view it below.

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DJ Envy Did Apologize to Gunplay and His Wife But...

During their phone call, DJ Envy apologized to Gunplay and promised to make a public apology in order to make things right between them. However, when the radio personality addressed the situation on The Breakfast Club he wasn't happy that Gunplay decided to publicize the phone call in what he believed to be a private conversation.

"I thought it was dope because I thought it was two men having a problem, a disagreement and handling it like men," he said in the video below. "The fact that we could have that discussion. I thought that was dope, but the nwhen you record a phone call? I just thought that was chasing something else."

Envy also said that he never actually mentioned Gunplay's wife's name or infant daughter when talking about the GoFundMe page. "[I] never even said what it was I just said he put up a GoFundMe," he explained.

"Another thing that people gotta understand too, and this is a side note, it is against the law to record somebody’s phone conversation and not tell 'em," Envy added. "That is against the law."

"Under Florida statute 93403, 'secretly audio recording another individual is a third-degree felony offense, punishable up to five years in prison and a fine,'" he stated.

DJ Envy has not responded to Vonshae Taylor-Morales' threats to pursue legal action against him as of yet.

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