Sexyy Red says she wasn't allowed to talk with the kids during a recent high school visit because she smelled like weed.

Sexyy Red Not Allowed in Local High School After Smelling Like Weed

On Wednesday (April 3), Sexyy Red shared multiple videos on her Instagram Story that showed her pulling up to a local high school in her St. Louis hometown. Videos showed masses of kids surrounding Sexyy's vehicle as she popped out of the sunroof and began twerking for her young fans. The party apparently stopped there, as Sexyy soon after got on her Story and said she wasn't allowed to set foot in the high school because she smelled like weed.

"Look, so this school, I came up here, got cute, tried to talk to the kids give ’em the word of the day and they gonna put me off tell me I smell like weed," Sexyy said in the video below, before cussing out the people who turned her away. "B***h, you're nobody, they ain't come to see you, Otis! B***h, you heard who they're screaming for."

Additional video shows Sexyy riding around the entrance to Harris Stowe State University in St. Louis to cheering crowds to help make up for the disappointment.

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Sexyy Red Appears at High School, Chaos Erupts

This isn't the first time Sexyy Red has caused a high school to get a little too rowdy. Back in July of 2023, Sexyy paid another visit to a high school that ended in chaos. Many of her eager teen fans were too excited to stay seated and began abandoning the bleachers and descending on the St. Louis rapper.

Many fans criticized Sexyy's appearance at the school, deeming her music too inappropriate for children. Sexyy ended up responding to the backlash on X, formerly known as Twitter, saying that she had gone to the school to do some charity work.

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Check out videos from Sexyy Red's high school appearance below.

Watch Sexyy Red Says She Wasn't Allowed to Speak at Local High School

Watch Rowdy Scenes from Sexyy Red High School Appearance

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