A captivating alien-themed video has been popping up in our social media feeds for months.

The video claims to be taken from a lake house Ring Doorbell somewhere on Lake Huron.

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The short video shows a very real-looking alien standing on what appears to be someone's porch. The alien is simply standing there moving his head and body slowly while looking at its surroundings. You also hear very loud crickets in the background. The crickets are so loud, it seems a little over the top.

One TikTok user pointed out the obvious:

tell whoever's holding the ring doorbell to hold it sturdier😂

Another TikTok user tried to explain why the video may be so shaky:

my ring camera is hooked to my television. so I would record any footage on my phone which would cause movement. especially if I seen this thing on

I'm not going to lie, it's one of the most realistic alien videos that I've seen since the 1995 black-and-white film supposedly depicting a secret medical examination or autopsy of an alien by the United States military. Of course, as we all know that turned out to be fake.

With the advancement in technology, it's only become easier and easier to fake UFO/alien videos. You pretty much have to assume that everything you see is fake. Unfortunately, I think this one is too.



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