Have you ever seen a coyote lingering near or around your yard and wondered whether or not you could legally shoot them here in Michigan?

This was the subject of discussion in a Facebook group recently and people kept going back and forth on what they believed was the law. Well, we decided to do a little digging to find out Michigan's laws on killing coyotes.

Coyotes can be a real nuisance and dangerous if you have small pets that tend to go outside. It doesn't happen very often but a coyote will snatch up your pet if the opportunity presents itself.

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Can You Legally Shoot a Coyote On Your Property in Michigan?

Yes, you can legally shoot a coyote on your own property in the state of Michigan. According to Michigan.gov, if problems exist outside regular hunting or trapping seasons, coyotes can be killed without a license on private land by the landowner or a designee if the coyote is doing or about to do damage to private property, pets, livestock, or humans.


You may not realize it but it's always open hunting season on coyotes in Michigan. However, some laws vary depending on where you live, so be sure to check on the hunting laws in your community before you kill a coyote.

What type of Guns Can You Use for Coyote Hunting in Michigan?

Michigan law states that you can use a 269 caliber or smaller, or shotgun with loads other than buckshot larger than number 3, slug, or cut shell.

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