This drumline stepped up a few notches with this performance.

During a recent high school football game, the drumline from Chippewa Valley High School in Clinton Township excited the crowd by adding a new element to their performance. That new element was fire and the performance was amazing.

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While doing what they do best, the drumline was performing at the game to get the football fans amped up. In true, creative, drumline fashion, the snare drummers at Chippewa Vally High School decided to add real fire to the show. Midway through the performance, the drummers turned from the crowd. Just a moment later, they turned back around and began playing with drumsticks that were set on fire.

Don't worry, the school approved the idea and their safety was taken seriously. Even in the video, you can see two people at the ready with fire extinguishers just in case. The snare drummers even added to the effect by dressing in fire department helmets and clothing. Nice touch!

Back in high school, I was also a snare drummer in the marching band. It was also fun to see just how far we could push the limits and really make our performance pop. There is no greater feeling than hearing the crowd erupt after seeing the series of visuals that you and your bandmates put together. I am very disappointed in myself for not thinking of this. These kids are awesome!


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