Hey Michigan! The truth is on your front porch.

A popular smart doorbell company just launched an outrageous contest with hopes of boosting sales and finding evidence of a real extraterrestrial life form.

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Smart doorbell/security company Ring is looking for the existence of alien life via your indoor or outdoor Ring device.

According to Coast To Coast AM, you could win $1 million if you somehow manage to capture evidence of aliens by way of their surveillance devices.


The contest started on Wednesday and runs through November 3rd. Yeah, that doesn't give you very long to show proof that aliens are among us.

Also, keep in mind that all alien footage must be filmed between now and when the contest ends. As if this contest wasn't tough already.


The Million Dollar Search for Extraterrestrials will be nearly impossible to win but you have to admit, it'll be fun leading up to Halloween.

Let's be real for a minute, this contest is nothing more than a way for the company to boost sales. They know they aren't going to find real evidence of aliens but they do know that suckers like me will run out right away and buy their product to join in the search.

By the way, I just got confirmation from Amazon that my Ring doorbell has been shipped...for real.

Well play Ring, well played.

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