Located roughly 20 minutes south of Cheyboygen, Michigan is the town of Topinabee. There you'll find a little rustic restaurant that claims to have the "world's best pancakes."

Cafe Noka is said to be a local northern Michigan favorite as well as a hot spot for travelers and snowmobile trail riders. It's also said to have the world's best pancakes. Well, at least that's what they claim.

Restaurants all over the state claim to have the best burgers, pizzas, or wings. But when someone claims to have the best pancakes, that's when I pay attention.

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Does Cafe Noka Really Have The World's Best Pancakes?

Honestly, I have no idea but anyone that claims to have the "world's best pancakes," has me wanting to know more. I mean, that's a big statement. I freaking love pancakes so this place has me very intrigued.

I'm not even sure what makes their pancakes the best. When looking at their menu, it just mentions how many pancakes you can get and how you can add blueberries, bananas, walnuts, or chocolate chips.

If you make me killer blueberry pancakes, we're friends for life.

Cafe Noka Facebook
Cafe Noka Facebook

Maybe I'm just taking their statement too seriously.

Cafe Noka:

Since 1994, Cafe Noka has been a cozy Northern Michigan breakfast and lunch cafe diner located in Topinabee, MI near Indian River and Mullett Lake where hungry travelers and frequenting locals go to get their fill of great comfort food and friendly service.

I love checking out small hometown restaurants and dive bars. So maybe the next time I head up north, I'll stop in and try some pancakes and Cafe Noka in Topinabee. Maybe they really are the best.

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