Located in Evart (near Big Rapids), Michigan is where you'll find an Airbnb that has everything you could ever want or need out of a rental property.

Earlier this year we told you about an Airbnb that had a bowling alley in the basement. The Airbnb is hosted by Meemo's Farms which has four cottages to choose from. If you thought that place was impressive, just wait until you get a load of The Lodge also at Meemo's Farms.

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At first glance, it doesn't look all that impressive but once you take a look inside and see what everything that it offers, you'll be blown. It's pretty freaking impressive. And yes, that is a helicopter you see sitting in the yard.

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Awesome Outdoor Activities

Meemo's Farms has a bunch of fun stuff that you can do on their 1,400+ acre property including paintball, a zipline and climbing wall, hiking, ATV tours, hunting, fishing, a shooting range, and more. This is the first time that I've ever seen an Airbnb that offers all of that.

They also have a massage treatment center, gym, saunas, and jacuzzis.

Pinball Machines, Pool Table, and More

If you're stuck inside on a rainy day there are pinball machines, a pool table, a poker table, an arcade hunting game, and more.


Professionally Trained Chefs

The Lodge is a fully catered Airbnb that offers its guests' breakfast, lunch, and dinners that are prepared by their professionally trained chefs. Yes, you get your very own private chef. You can choose from their menu or they can customize a menu that best suits your needs.

How Much Does It Cost to Stay at The Lodge?

The nightly rate of $1470 covers 7 persons for accommodation and meals. For guests over 7 persons, the rate is $210 per person per night.

MI Airbnb Comes With Private Chefs, Pinball Machines, and 21 Beds

Meemo's Farms also offers paintball, a zipline and climbing wall, a high & low ropes course, hiking, ATV tours, hunting, fishing, mountain biking, a shooting range, kayaking, and more. 

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