Have you ever driven by an apartment complex in Michigan and noticed garbage scattered all over the road or piled alongside it?

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Chances are you've noticed it, but you might not have realized that most of the time, it's outside an apartment complex.

Well, there's a reason this is happening but it isn't on purpose.

Why is There Always Garbage Scattered in the Road Outside Apartments?

Many people who live in apartments don't live right next to the community dumpster. So, in the morning, while leaving for work, they place their garbage on the back of their car with the intention of stopping at the dumpster to throw it all away. This is where the problem starts.

Unfortunately, they forget they placed it there as soon as they get in the car and drive away. As soon as they pull out of the apartment complex, the garbage falls off their car and into the road. After a few vehicles drive through it, you've got a real mess on your hands.


Most people don't even realize that they dropped their garage as they've already completely forgotten about it.

While we understand this isn't something that is done intentionally, residents need to do their best to remember to stop at the dumpster before pulling into the road. It's making our communities look like garbage dump sites.

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I live next to an apartment complex and have witnessed this on several occasions. For the longest time, I thought people were just tossing their garbage out of their vehicles. That's just not the case here.

The next time you drive by an apartment complex and see garbage everywhere, you know exactly what happened.

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