Michigan is looking to stop selling flavored tobacco to help combat the number of kids who are vaping throughout the state. They're pushing for stiffer rules to make it harder for young people to get flavored e-cigarettes and menthol cigarettes.

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The Michigan Senate is currently reviewing a set of bills that, if approved, would outlaw the sale of flavored tobacco products within the state. This includes flavored e-cigarettes, commonly known as vapes, as well as menthol-flavored cigarettes.

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According to Michigan Radio, supporters of the bills hope that a ban on flavored products will decrease the number of kids who use tobacco products. The bills would also require tobacco retailers to be licensed and create a tax on e-cigarettes and vaping products with nicotine.


According to Take Down Tobacco, the number one problem is the tobacco industry's influence.

The tobacco industry has a long history of targeting kids with flavored products, like flavored e-cigarettes, menthol cigarettes, and flavored cigars. Flavors improve the taste and mask the harshness of tobacco products, making it easier for kids to try these products and ultimately become addicted.


I don't think that it would come as a shock to hear that nicotine can affect teens' attention, learning, and memory while also creating dependency.

I don't think anyone would disagree that vaping has become an epidemic in Michigan's schools.

My son tells me that kids are constantly vaping in the bathroom at his school and they have been for years. It's a real problem that needs to be handled before the issue gets even more out of hand.

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