They certainly don't build homes like this very often anymore. That's why this mid-century modern home on Grosse Ile won't stay on the market very long.

Built in 1961, this 4,200 square-foot mid-century modern home looks as if it's in nearly original shape. Everything from the authentic kitchen to the original hardwood floors, this place screams 1961.

Home Features

  • Four bedrooms
  • Three bathrooms
  • Partially finished basement
  • Two fireplaces
  • Two car garage

I'm not sure what this vintage device is that is built into the kitchen wall, but it definitely looks like it's been there since 1961.

Mid-Century Modern Home
Michael Procissi/Power House Group Realty

Is that a radio or some kind of intercom?

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Zillow Listing:

As you step inside, you'll be greeted by a striking living room adorned with a soaring cathedral ceiling, flooded with natural light. The focal point of this living space is an imposing natural fireplace, gracefully dominating the room, This remarkable feature enhances the ambiance and creates an inviting, airy atmosphere.

Zillow/Google Maps
Zillow/Google Maps

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It may seem a little rough around the edges at first but I think that is one of the appealing features of this style of home.

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