There's a new Buffalo Wild Wings being built in Saginaw. However, this one is unlike any other one in the state of Michigan.

Later this winter, Saginaw residents will be able to experience Buffalo Wild Wings GO.

A lot of people don't want a loud and busy lunch/dinner experience. They'd rather eat their favorite foods in the comfort of their own homes. I get it, sometimes you just don't want to deal with people. That's exactly what Buffalo Wild Wings GO is all about.

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What is Buffalo Wild Wings GO?

Buffalo Wild Wings GO is basically a smaller-format version of the restaurant that offers takeout and delivery and is a faster and more convenient way to get your food.

Most Buffalo Wild Wings GO locations usually feature a walk-up counter, digital menu boards, and in some cases, limited seating. It's unclear if the Saginaw location will have limited seating or not.

According to MLive, The new restaurant will be the first Buffalo Wild Wings GO in the Saginaw area and in the state.

Brian Carmody, franchisee and president of Patton Wings:

We are thrilled to introduce the Buffalo Wild Wings GO brand in Saginaw – it will be the first Buffalo Wild Wings GO location in Michigan. GO makes it easy and convenient to get Buffalo Wild Wings fan favorites for pickup or delivery.

Where Will Buffalo Wild Wings GO be Located?

The new Buffalo Wild Wings (currently under construction) will be located between Tim Hortons and Burger King on State Street, just east of Center Road.

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